Apia Foojin’Z Generous 94M


For seabass fishing in rivers, the 9’4″ length is easy to use for both on the coast and wading. Lure weight range is from 8 to 42g, so almost any seabass lure is castable. Generous 94M has the sharpness and distance of M40X when casting, and the high restorative power, tenacity, and unbreakable strength of T1100G when confronted with a fish. It can be said that this is a very utilitarian model that can be adapted to various situations.


length ft(m)  9’4”(2.84)    

pcs/ joint 2/spigot  

closed length(cm)    146.7     

 avg. weightg)145   

top diameter/butt diametermm)1.8/13.0   

Lureg)  8-42   

 LinePE)  MAX#2 

Grip lengthmm)    360


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